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GoZero Skellig Pro X

One of the high-quality E-Bikes which ensures that you can enjoy the off-road experience. With comfortable cruising and well-built body, this E-Bike is perfect for an urbane ride.

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Top Speed
25 KM
Charging Time
3.5 hours



GoZero Skellig Pro X has a strong body of composite mild steel frame. The build ensures that the bike is perfect for off-road experience.


GoZero Skellig Pro X runs on an advanced EnerDrive 400WH Li-Ion battery. With external detachable batteries, the bike gets fully charged in just 3 hours.


This powerful E-Bike is powered by GoZero 250W Drive Motor. The bike provides a high speed of 25 Km/Hr. In a single charge, this bike delivers 70 Km.

Brakes and safety

This urbane E-Bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes which ensures a bump free and smooth and safe ride when required. An alloy stem handle ensures that this E-Bike can be easily handled in every condition. GoZero Drive Control Version 4.0 LCD Display is a superb display that ensures that you can see everything crystal clear.

Comfort – gear and tyres

A 21-speed gear system and 5 level pedal assist level ensure that the bike can be moved around in any condition. Walk mode and cruise mode are some of the biggest pros of this E-Bike. The wheel size of this E-Bike is 26′ and the tire size is 26*2.35′ which ensure a comfortable grip and smooth ride.


The best part about this E-Bike is the trustworthy and friendly customer service. Toll free numbers are available for the customers to access at any emergency point. This E-Bike comes with a 1-year warranty and guarantee option which can be extended further when required.


GoZero Skellig Pro X is the first choice for a city dweller and even for someone who loves an off road experience. Ride this bike to ensure that you and your environment both remain fit for the long term.

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Top speed

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