Hero Lectro F6i


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The Lectro F6i is a high-performance e-bike, which gives you complete control of the ride. Your ride will be comfortable and enjoyable—thanks to its advanced aerodynamics.


Pedelec - 55 KM Throttle - 45 KM
Top Speed
25 KM
Charging Time
6 hrs



The Hero Lectro F6i is built solidly, yet it feels light due to the use of aluminum alloy 6061 in its frame—keeping the bike solid and lightweight at the same time makes it easy to zip through even against a strong breeze.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lectro e-bike comes with a powerful 11.6 Ah, 36V lithium-ion battery. This rechargeable battery only takes 4 hours to charge with a 36V/2A Charger. When fully charged, it can run for up to 50-55 km before the next charge. The battery comes with IP67 water and dustproof rating.

Powerful Motor

The Lectro F6i is powered with a robust and brushless D.C rear hub motor. The motor is rated at 36V, 250 W, which produces a maximum torque of 40 nm. This makes it suitable for riding on all types of terrains.

Comfort – Tires & Gearing, and Range

The Lectro F6i is packed with a 7-speed Rear Derailleur. The bike also has a comfortable seat and a strong handle with a good grip. The bike has a pair of Kenda 27.5″ tires attached to double-wall alloy rims.

Brakes and Safety

This e-bike is equipped with front and back mechanical disc brakes, which bring the bike to rest in no time. The front suspension in the Lectro F6i helps in maintaining posture and comfort even while riding on bad roads by absorbing the shocks effectively. The reflector placed in the bike will help to alert the ongoing traffic, and the LED light at the front will help you to navigate at ease during nights.

Post Sales Service

Hero Lectro F6i comes with a one-year-long warranty and guarantee, which can be extended on request. It also has 24/7 after-sales support.


The stylish design, high-quality components, and robust build on the Lectro F6i electric bike will provide you with an amazing experience in your commute. Features such as these, make the F6i electric bike ideal for use on smooth as well as rough terrain. Hence, pick up the F6i electric bike today, contribute towards leaving ensuring a sustainable future, and have an amazing commuting experience.

Technical Specification

Additional information

Top speed

Charging Time




Bike Type


Battery Range

Pedelec – 55 KM Throttle – 45 KM

Maximum Weight

70 kg


Aluminium Alloy 6061

Frame Height


Battery Type


Battery Capacity

Battery Charger


Battery Lifespan

500 charging cycles

Battery Position

External, Detachable

Motor type

Motor Power





7 Speed

PAS (Pedal Assist System)

3 levels

Braking Type


60mm MLO Travel Suspension

Tyre Type

27.5" Wheel Double Wall Alloy Rim

Motor IP Rating


Half twist throttle



"Frame – Lifetime Electronic parts(Battery, Motor, Controller, Charger display, sensor, Throttle) – 24 Months"

1 review for Hero Lectro F6i

  1. Tinku Basumatari

    Great Mileage, Excellent Performance and Maintenance Cost is Very Less.

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