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Dream destinations call for dream bikes. With the Coppernicus T3 e-bike on your side, you can now ride through the toughest terrains without breaking a sweat. The Coppernicus T3 e-bike is an incredible combination hi-tech engineering, futuristic design and premium craftsmanship. A power-packed electric MTB the T3 is perfect for both city roads and rough terrains.


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Top Speed
25 KM
Charging Time
4 Hours



It is built with an Aluminium 6061 frame, making it lightweight and durable.


The Coppernicus T3 is powered by a portable, 36V, 14Ah battery pack with Panasonic or equivalent cells. It lets you explore 70-80 km on throttle mode and 120 km on pedal assist mode. If you run out of juice, it comes with an SHC-8100LC 2A charger, which tops the e-bike from 0 to 100 percent in 4-5 hours.


It has a 250 W Bafang rear hub, brushless DC Motor and generates a massive torque of 80Nm with just a little throttle. The motor weighs just 3.4 kgs and doesn’t add too much weight to the bike. 

Brakes and safety

Amongst the top electric bicycles in India, the Coppernicus T3 comes with Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes. These brakes are connected to alloy levers which ensure effective braking. It has a Suntour XCM suspension fork with 100mm travel. This way you won’t be subjected to bumpy rides. It also has a lockout feature. The plethora of features ensure that you have a safe ride every time you get on the bike. 

Comfort – gears and tyres

The top e-bike in India has a seamless fusion of electronics and mechanics that allows you to switch easily between assisted pedalling and pedalling, or you can opt for a fully motorised ride. This e-bike also provides you with simple on-the-go speed adjustment options. The bike offers quick acceleration and has 9 levels of Pedal Assist, thus making it a high premium electric cycle for both fitness and recreational purposes. Coppernicus T3 has Hutchinson rock 26*1.95″ MTB Tyres attached to 26″ Aluminium Double Walled rims for added durability.

Post-sales service

This all-rounder e-bike has great post-sales service. If you face any issue with the bike or damage any part, just order it on their website. If you get a defective part, it would be replaced free of charge. 


The T3 is fiercely loaded with features that make it a worthy top-end product in the e-bike space. A companion for life this e-bike will amaze you with its outstanding quality and performance.

Technical Specification

Additional information

Weight 21.5 kg
Dimensions 68.5 × 30.5 × 40.5 in
Top speed

Charging Time

3 reviews for Coppernicus T3

  1. Ravi Kumar Blive


    After completing 25 years of service in the Coast Guards as a Commandant, I am now retired and keep myself busy with things that I have always been passionate about. I have been riding bicycles for a long time and have a lot of experience with different bicycles. So as to say, I even assembled a crude electric cycle for myself. I must say Coppernicus T3 is way ahead of anything else I have ever used in the last 10 years. I have been using T3 for about three weeks now.
    I chose Coppernicus T3 mainly because of technical specs, which were far better than any so far. The bike has the sleek frame, just 22kg with battery pack, mechanically precise gears, no hanging cables, the wires are concealed – a clean GREAT looking e-cycle, so to say. Presently, I usually ride on pedal assist mode at level 5 to 6 which is good, on the roads of Daman as it is mostly flat and while using assist level 9, cycling is effortless. The breaks are really good – I must say. It has an impressive range on the battery, and I have fully recharged it about twice till now.
    I personally would prefer a softer saddle, for a prolonged ride, the one that is supplied is a sports saddle. Also, the handlebar is a little low for me. To maintain a comfortable riding posture, I have changed to a softer GEL saddle and have added a stem raiser to the handlebar.
    The seller has been extremely responsive to my technical questions. They helped me understand the features of the colour screen display and other general functions. The bike came in a fully assembled condition, I just needed to tighten a few bolts. Practically, two Allen Keys and a spanner to fit pedals and the handlebar. Packaging quality was very good. The bicycle was completely protected by foam sheets. The shipping time was only 5 days.
    I will update my experience after six months of use again.

  2. BLive EV Store

    Dr. Mahanth

    Hi am dr Mahanth, I work as a sonologist in puttur, 50km from Mangalore. I have purchased this cycle on november 7th.Its is just amazing for long rides and short rides. I ride 80kms on every friday since am going to visit a hospital which is 40km from my house. My terrain is very hilly so the battery lasts 50km only. am enjoying the ride. This cycle has quality parts.

  3. Rohan Dola


    The Copernicus e-bike is awesome. Great specs and the ride is smooth. The battery power is enough for a whole days ride. Easy to ride. I’m very satisfied with my Coppernicus t3 e-bike.

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