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Bolt Level 2

Battery Voltage 230 v
Current: 7.4 kW



What is BOLT?
BOLT is India’s largest Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network . BOLT’s charging points are connecting a diverse range of our EV users in 65 different cities across the nation, allowing them to locate nearest charging points using the BOLT app.

1. A robust charging point network
With thousands of electric vehicle charging points across different parts of the country, users can easily rely on the made in India BOLT app for locating the nearest charging point so that they can begin the EV recharging process with ease and efficiency.

2. IoT empowered
BOLT has successfully integrated with the Internet of things (IoT) allowing DISCOMs, EV ecosystem players and end users to take advantage of our IoT enabled smart chargers, gain real network visibility and optimize charging loads.

3. Easy installation
How about a charging point that is easy to install? Installing a BOLT charging point is an extremely simple and easy process that take less than 30 minutes to complete.

4. End-to-end charging solution
Through the BOLT app, riders can locate and book any nearby charging points. Further, they can use the BOLT app for navigating their way to the nearest charging points.

5. Earning potential
The BOLT Charging Network is India’s largest EV charging network, where owners are in-charge of the prices set for their charging points. This translates to an opportunity of passive income generation for charger owners, and one that will only grow with the rise of EVs in the future.

Quick and hassle-free installation process
Thinking of installing the BOLT charging point? We have made the process easier for you this time. Here are the quick and simple steps for the BOLT charging installation.


Once you get your hands on the device, it’s time for the unboxing and unscrewing. After that, mount the device into the wall. Get the poster and place it above the device, and finally, place the QR code onto the poster.


To power up your BOLT device, simply connect the 3 wires: Phase (Red), Earth (Yellow), and Neutral (Black) wire to your power meter.


To use BOLT one must set up and activate the device- Tap on the BOLT app, go to the “My Chargers,” option, click on the “Plus” sign, and scan the QR code. After the scanning is done, the device will be finally activated.

Technical Specification

Additional information

Vehicle Type

Electric Vehicle


2 Wheeler

Battery Voltage

230 v


7.4 kW

Mount Type

Wall Or Floor Using A Pedestal


Wi Fi , Bluetoothv


1 year

Operating Altitude

2000 m


50 Hz


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