Know your ev


Myth 1: Electric vehicles create more environmental harm than petrol cars.

Fact: With a much lesser carbon footprint, even taking into account charging, electric vehicles are the solution to a green future.

Myth 2: The short, limited range of electric vehicles are not enough for daily travel demands.

Fact: Electric vehicles come with different ranges, from 40 km to 165 km. Opting for one that suits your daily travel demands is good for the environment as well as the pockets in the long run.

Myth 3: There are no easily available charging points for EVs.

Fact: The plugs for an EV charger are the same as that of any other electrical equipment at home. Infact, BLive has dedicated charging stations across India as well as battery swapping kiosks for ease of traveling.

Myth 4: Electric vehicles are not safe.

Fact: BLive EV stores sell vehicles that meet the required safety standards. Infact, our after sales team is constantly in touch with you to ensure your vehicle is safe and sound by doing regular follow-ups and sharing handy tips.

Myth 5: Electric vehicles are very expensive.

Fact: EVs may seem to be premium priced to start with, however, with long term use, users end up saving more than 50% on what they would have spent on a petrol or diesel car.

Myth 6: EV batteries last only a few years.

Fact: Everything in this world comes with an expiry date, and nothing in the world is irreplaceable. EV battery replacements are as easy as it can get.

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