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Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Cycle

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]Electric cycling can help people to cycle their way towards health, fitness, and a better lifestyle overall. It can help reduce the risk of a range of health problems from heart diseases to breast cancers. It motivates people to get physically active. Though it has an electric motor most of the pedaling is done by the rider.

Health benefits include:

  • Reduce Stress — cycling reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps alleviate mild depression and anxiety. Regularly using your battery-operated bicycle makes sure that your muscles get a consistent workout. This leads to an increase in the glucose uptake in your muscle cells so that they can get the energy for the effort. This results in a slew of body reactions that increase your metabolic rate and heart rate. Regular bike rider’s heart rates averaged about 75 percent of each person’s maximum, meaning that even with the motor assist, they were getting a moderate workout, comparable to brisk walking or an easy jog. Also, it increases blood circulation to your muscles and throughout your body. Regular exercise through your electric cycle also helps in managing the build-up of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that builds up in your body with regular stretches of pressure cooker situations in life. Due to this relief in cortisol levels, your body experiences a natural form of relaxation. Add to this situation the wonderful release of pleasure-giving endorphins and you will understand how valuable an electric cycle in your day is.


  • Boost Your Immunity — Regular cycling boosts a body’s defenses by up to 50 percent. You’re not just cycling; you’re riding away from germs.


  • Reduce Risk of Disease — Cycling can help reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol and can even help fight cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Studies indicate that riding 20 miles per week may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 50 percent.


  • Lift Your Mood – Studies show that regular exercise helps alleviate mild depression and anxiety. Riding an electric cycle helps release endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. There’s no better way to increase the benefit than with a healthy dose of fun.


  • Look and Feel 10 Years Younger — Studies have shown that regular cyclists who cycle at least 3 times a week enjoy the general health of someone approximately 10 years younger.


  • Lose Weight and Get Fit — Cycling can burn 500 calories per hour, helping cyclists lose or control their weight while improving their fitness. It Improves their aerobic fitness, and the findings showed a trend toward less body fat in the group. There were also trends for improvements in blood pressure. An electric cycle can certainly be used to get fit and help in weight loss. An electric cycle is only assisting the pedaling effort of a rider. Riding an electric cycle is only assisting the pedaling effort of a rider. prompts physical exercise. Continuous usage of an electric cycle results in the burning of calories, which will help get more fit and lose bodyweight.


  • Move Ahead of the Pack — Commuting by electric cycle is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine because it doubles as transportation while still allowing you to arrive at work fresh and sweat-free.


  • Exercise for longer durations – A single charge on a battery-powered cycle will take you upwards of 30 km in distance covered. If you can cover this much distance in a single ride, you are building up high levels of endurance. On a normal bicycle, you would have to cover all 30+ km by yourself. This involves the possibility of exhausting yourself, or worse, not even daring to try long-distance rides. After all, who wants to travel 10 km away, only to find out that the return journey is far beyond your capacity (for the time being)? A battery-operated bicycle has a Pedal Boost and Throttle mechanism which immediately solves this problem. You can rely on the Pedal Boost to take the exhaustion out of your pedaling which helps you travel at a speed of 20 mph. You even have the choice of making your workout routine. For example, you could go all out at first, and then recover your strength with some pedal assist. Or, you could choose to have a steady effort all the while with medium levels of assist. There are near-infinite ways that you can compose your journey.

All this while, you end up building endurance at the level of intensity that you prefer. The Pedal assist gives you peace of mind that you can aim for a high endurance workout without fearing muscle failure. Within a few such workouts, you would be able to build your capacity to have high endurance, better fitness levels, medium-intensity workouts, and resistance training. These are some of the many benefits of riding an electric bicycle.

  • Increases metabolism and core muscle strength – The electric cycle allows you to ride for longer periods and train yourself for high endurance and medium-intensity workouts. Slowly and steadily, such a workout adapts your body to metabolize food so that it can replenish the carbohydrates in your muscles. Your resting metabolic rate increases. Your muscles start building high endurance capacity and push lactic acid release farther. Cycling involves most major muscle groups and it specifically trains your core muscles and your glutes. All of this is made easier by an electric cycle which makes the learning curve for long-distance cycling easier through its electric motor interventions. Therefore, looking at the advantages e-bikes provide it looks like something everyone should get to escape the sedentary lifestyle.


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